ToggleJournaling: ToggleJournaling does exactly what it's name implies: it toggles file system journaling on and off. Allows enabling/disabling file system journaling on multiple volumes individually, so you can have it enabled on some volumes and not on others.FILE SYSTEM JOURNALING is normally a GOOD THING that helps PREVENT DATA LOSS! Using this app will absolutely void your warranty! ADVANCED USERS ONLY! USE AT YOUR OWN RISK! Et cetera. Useful for advanced users who have a dedicated swap partition or drive so that they can turn journaling off for the swap volume and leave it on for the boot volume, also for machines that don't have much important data on their local drives, like machines that start via Net-Boot, machines that are used only for print servers, machines that are used only as part of a render farm, et cetera. For machines such as those turning off file system journaling may result in slightly faster operation and quicker boot-up and shut-down. Just to re-iterate, do NOT disable journaling on ANY drives that contain important data. Requires OS X version 10.3 or later and the BSD subsystem.