PoserSqueezer: PoserSqueezer is an Applescript application for compressing and decompressing Poser format files to save disk space. Works the same as the "compress poser files" and "decompress poser files" python scripts included with Poser 6 and 7, but without requiring Poser. Features both file browsing type selection and drag-n-drop. Requires Mac OS X version 10.3 or later with the BSD Unix subsystem installed.

Note to DAZ Studio users: If you have a library file with an incorrect path reference in it, then DAZ Studio will not allow you to browse to a compressed file if the library file reference lists an uncompressed file. For example: Your .cr2 file lists it's geometry as being located at ":Runtime:Geometries:SomeStuff:aThing.obj" but the geometry is really located as ":Runtime:Geometries:SomeStuff:BaseFigures:aThing.obz", then when you are prompted to find the file and navigate to your ":Runtime:Geometries:SomeStuff:BaseFigures" folder you will not be allowed to select "aThing.obz" unless you first decompress it to "aThing.obj". There are two ways to avoid this: 1) Make sure all your library files contain correct path references, or 2) don't compress geometry files or morph pose scripts (such as the ones located in :Runtime:Libraries:!DAZ). This bug is not present in Poser 7.