Macposerutils is a project to create OS X native utilities for use with Poser content. So far it's just me and my severely limited skill, but hopefully other Mac geeks will join later to contribute their own skills to the project. If you are a Mac coder/scripter with an in-depth knowledge of Poser library files and would like to contribute your native Mac OS X application to the project, or help with the development of apps already listed, or if you are a user who has a bug report for any of these apps, please contact me.

Thus far there are only 5 applications for download: three apps for use with Poser content, PathFinder, PoserSqueezer, and RSRconverterMac, and two general purpose applications for sys admins, TigerToggle and ToggleJournaling. All are pretty basic Applescript applications, and all are licensed under the terms of the BSD license and have NO TECH SUPPORT WHATSOEVER, and NO WARRANTY. They're all pretty rough-edged and amateurish, but that's not surprising because I AM a completely self-taught amateur. They work, though, and can be quite useful. Click the links to the left to see details of each app. Downloads are available here.


February 17, 2008

PoserSqueezer released.

New release of TigerToggle. Users who had never previously changed dashboard settings from the unix command line were unable to change them with TigerToggle. Oops!!! This bug has now been fixed.


June 1, 2007

PathFinder's shell script gets overhauled, hopefully resulting in slightly faster searches.

RSRconverterMac gets a new interface.


May 31, 2007

PathFinder gets yet another upgrade. Now reports on what line numbers in the Poser library file each path reference was found and also translates "GetStringRes" references into their English language counterparts.